Try being in a long distance relationship. Try having him listen to you cry, but not being able to be in his arms, and texting is his only way to comfort you because you’re literally 1,000 miles away and that’s all he can do.
Try seeing him over Skype and only Skype, where sometimes the call drops and the quality isn’t great. Or how about planning a trip to go see him? But wait, you can’t because you’re having financial issues.
Try explaining to your friends, try telling them why they can’t meet him. Don’t even think of planning dates, because you’ll be the only one attending them.
Try fighting with distance, that shit isn’t easy because you have even more distance on top of it. Try sleeping alone every night after hearing I love you and cuddling with a pillow that doesn’t even do the trick because you know it isn’t him.
Now THAT’S the really hard type of relationship people always seem to forget about.

(via thecarissamaestory)